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Project 2

Halloween Memory Game

Due Monday October 28th at 11:59pm.

For this project you are going develop a memory game with a Halloween theme using Pygame.  Your game should support the following features:
  • 2 players
  • 4x4 board
  • Player turn indication with a turn timer (30 seconds per turn)
  • A scoreboard
Your game will start with a new board and all of the cards should be face down.  Each player will enter their names to be displayed on the scoreboard.  Once names have been entered, the game will start.   You can randomly choose who is the first player.  Once the game has started, each player will be allowed to select two cards.  If they match, the player gets a point, the cards will stay revealed, and the player gets another turn (and the turn timer resets). If the two cards do not match, then they should be turned back over. Once all the cards have been matched, your game should show a page with the winner.

Your game should display the following:
  • The current player
  • The current score
  • A count down timer.  Each player should be allowed 30 seconds per turn.
Your game should be robust.  That is is shouldn't fail due to random clicks or other input.  You should also consider the following situations:
  • You should not allow a player to select a card that has already been matched or the first card selected

Be creative with the graphics.

Extra Credit Options:
  • Allow for more than 2 players.
  • Allow for configurable game boards, e.g., 5x5, 4x3, 5x8.
  • Add animation to card flipping
  • Add sound, e.g., background music, timer ticks, card flipping effects (come see me to learn how to do this).